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Ten Tips
for Fabulous Footwear Fit and Feel…

1)      Just as your vision changes as you age, so does the size of your feet, so it is always best to have your feet measured when you purchase shoes. This is difficult if you’re shopping online, but next time you’re out, stop by – we’ll be happy to measure your feet!

2)      Usually your feet are not identical in size – one is usually slightly larger. That’s the one to fit.

3)      Always ignore sizes marked on boxes. The best fit is the one that feels right.

4)      Choose shoes that accommodate your foot shape. If your foot is broad and thick, choose shoes with enough depth rather than shallow profiles. Similarly, laced shoes offer adjustability to accommodate shallow or high instep profiles.

5)      The ball of your foot should be at the widest part of the shoe. That’s why professional fitters use measuring devices that check not just overall length and width, but ball-to-heel size as well. That is as critical a measurement as any.

6)      Walk around the store or on the carpet at home for a good hour or so to assure your fit is comfortable. Undamaged/unworn shoes are welcome for exchange if necessary, for up to ten days from shipped-date.

7)      Pay attention to materials: Soft, pliable, flexible and breathable uppers are critical to foot comfort. Cushioned insoles and flexible, shock absorbent outsoles reduce fatigue and enhance comfort.

8)      Spend on the shoes you wear most often; save on the shoes you’ll wear only once or twice. The very dressy, strappy, thin-soled, four-inch heeled designer shoes often can’t justify their price. But shoes you can wear time after time with style and comfort are truly an investment in long-term comfort, and represent a genuine value.

9)      Don’t wear the same shoes for more than eight to ten hours two days in a row. Notwithstanding the modern technologies in footwear materials and construction that allow perspiration to dissipate from footwear, it takes about twice as long off the foot for shoes to dry out completely as the time worn on the foot.

10)   Care for your footwear: Use the right footwear care products, water-proofing, polishes, shoe trees, etc. They will make your shoes last longer and retain their shape and comfort!

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