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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:45 pm

Monday & Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:45 pm

Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


Store Hours

Currently we do not accept Harry's Shoes gift cards online.

If you would like to use a Harry's Shoes gift card, please call us at 866-4-HARRYS or visit us in-store at 2299 Broadway @ 83rd Street NYC

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Customer Reviews

“I was very satisfied with my purchase, the weather made my purchase take longer to arrive, but the service was great and I would recommend this website to all my friends.  Thanks for great service.”  -Juanita


“Harry’s shoes have been around for years and have always been the place to be for me and my family…”  -Christine


“This is the only place in NYC that I can find shoes that I am looking for.  The service is quick.  The place is packed.  In under 25 minutes I found exactly all of the shoes and boots that I needed.  I would highly recommend.  Place is jam packed.”  -Susan


“Went in to look for a pair of waiters shoes for work. Walter came right up to me asked if I needed help. I told him what I needed and would like to be measured. He did it right away and recommended wide shoes by just looking at my left foot. I told him my price bracket and he found me a pair (Rockports) slip resistant right away and on sale!!  Thanks Walter.” -Roland


“I was really reluctant about coming to this place after reading yelp reviews. I ended up here having no other choice. And after coming in I can’t really understand why so many bad reviews about this place. I got assisted as soon as I stepped in and the staff was helpful and professional. I will definitely come back.” -Nathalie


“Dear Mr. David B:

Thank you so much for showing me Mephisto shoes with heels.  I bought red and blue because they are being phased out.

Instead of an old woman with horrible orthopedic shoes I am a woman again who can wear dresses and be in style.

As a professor I tell my students that professionals (like you) never cut corners.  I also tell my students there is no substitute for the real thing.  YOU ARE THE BEST sales associate I ever met!

I already filled out a card for you at the store and talked to the assistant manager about your terrific expertise.

Never doubt your value to orthopedic customers like myself.

With every good wish

Laura, Professor of English.”


“I love coming up to Harry’s shoes. The selection is great and I always find something here that I like. New Merrells are perfect. I zipped in walked around without getting hassled, found the shoes I wanted and was ready to go in just a few minutes. The sales guys are friendly without being obtrusive. Perhaps the only drawback is the slightly higher price – but I did walk I. And walk out with the shoes I wanted so that convenience is worth the few extra bucks.”  -Paul


“A sales woman named Aisha (spelling?) bent over backwards as I searched for beautiful sandals–I’ve got foot issues and trouble finding shoes.
She was super smart, patient and had stamina–bringing out styles that I never would have noticed. We finally found a (comfortable) winner and everybody compliments them!
While I normally don’t care for the pushiness and impatience of Harry’s salespeople, this hardworking woman will have me returning to the store.
They have a large and great selection!” -Terry


“Yesterday, I had wonderful service from Rashida.  She was courteous, knowledgeable about your stock-and above all, patient.  My feet are hard to get and that is one reason I shop in your store.  I happily purchased two pair of the shoes with Rashida’s GREAT help.  Thank you.” -Dee


“In love with it so far, my new favorite shoe spot in the city!

Louis is my man, and he will hook you up with the best, even if it wasn’t what I came in looking for.” -N.S.


“Please allow me to commend wonderful service received at your store.  I am a Californian who ends up doing most of my shoe shopping at Harry’s because of the merchandise and staff are wonderful.

Although every person who has helped me at Harry’s has been excellent, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge three individuals.  Tonya has the most amazing ability to fit shoes, even for those of us with non-traditional feet.  Not only was she fun to talk to, but when she learned I was visiting NYC she suggested I have my shoes delivered.  That saved me time (from having to haul my purchases home in my suitcase) and money.  In short, she thought of everything.

Please send along my thanks to Tonya, Daniel and the young woman at the register.  And thank you for offering such a fantastic option to customers who usually do not like buying shoes. ” -Therese


“I went to the Harry’s Kids Store which is now a block away from the adult store. My one year old was crying at the top of her lungs (very abnormal), the sales staff explained to me that it was normal because she was not used to having anything restrictive on her feet. They were patient and kind. I was thankful that their salespeople were so understanding, one of the girls even had a phone ap to distract the baby and get her mind off the new shoes she was wearing. Thank you!” -Jamie


“Shoes have arrived – exactly as shown and described.  Perfect fit – thank you for your extraordinary service – very impressive!” – Anonymous
“Hello!  I received my shoes this afternoon and they are beautiful! Looking forward to more business with you in the future.” -Tom
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, For your responsiveness, your good customer service, but especially for sending me the shoes I was looking for. Nobody in the whole US seems to have a a pair of the black gladiator sandals in my size, so I’m so glad I ordered them from you.  I looked at other items you offered on line and I am impressed by the type of practicality and quality that seems to be a hallmark of your selection. Nice doing business with you – have a great summer.”  – Kathy
“This is by far the best place in all 5 boroughs to go to for cute yet comfortable shoes – especially sandals in the summer time!
I have brought many people here – they are always happy. Prices are on-par with the department stores yet they have a huge variety and much better service. HUGE selection of cute, comfortable shoes for both men & women.
I’ll be heading there again soon to stock up for summer!”  – Jen